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Confusy Colors - the new super addicting Android game, that brings everyone to his limits.

All you have to do, is to tap the corresponding color. Sounds easy right? But do not be fooled!

Take your phone and tap the correct colors under ernourmous time pressure to reach top scores in the ultimate time killer.
Train your brain and challenge yourself and friends in multiple different gamemodes.

Download this super addictive puzzle game today and you will get one of the top free games. That not only kills your time but also can train your brain!

Game Features:
⭐ Free to play, so play one oft the top free games!
⭐ Endless play in one oft the most popular offline games!
⭐ Compare to players world-wide with global leaderboards!
⭐ Play up to 6 different and unique gamemodes offline!
⭐ Redeem free codes and get awesome and free rewards!
⭐ Complete multiple challenges every day and receive their free rewards!
⭐ Share your scores with your friends!
⭐ Receive free rewards every day!
⭐ Unlock great achievements!

But stay aware! If you tap the wrong color, you may have to start again. Because not everyone is skilled enough as some are.

Decide for yourself if you will brave the challenge of the confusy colors or give up. The decision lies in your hands!

The question is: Are you able to tap the correct colors under time pressure? - Find out now and you will never want to stop playing this addictive game again!

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